Thursday. January 25, 2018

Here is this today’s prayer call schedule and prayer focus info:

Call: 605-475-4861 Code: 898123# Time: 7 am (h) 9 am (p) 10 am (m) 11 am (c) 12 noon (e)

Prayer Focus: Protect the Children as God leads!
Scriptures: Luke 18/15-17; Matt.18/1-20; Mark 9/33-37.
Notes: More exposition of pedophilia in high places! We are here to disciple the children and make them aware! Repentance for all the child abuse of every kind and by everyone.Judges, court officials and others to be indicted, impeached and exposed!

Those interested the best interviews for Mark Taylor are with the Sharpening Report, Greg Hunter and Sheila Zilinsky…at least his latest ones. Please keep Mark, his family and all working with him covered in prayer from any attack of the enemy! God bless! Prayer works!