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The County Blog: Aroostook Cty, ME

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  1. Roger Ek

    Well, the “explosive” four page memo has been released. It may have been explosive 18 months ago, but there is very little new info in those four pages. Anybody who listened to the Glenn Beck show over a year ago has heard it all before.

    That said, maybe some citizens will have their eyes opened and a have a few scales pulled away. The top floor of the FBI needs to be sanitized and the sixth floor of the state department needs to be decontaminated. Then come the DEP, EPA Interior, NPS, Education and DOD.

    I expected that Democrats would rush to the 9th Circuit Court to get the release stopped. Maybe they didn’t think of it. Regardless of that missed opportunity for progressives, the 9th Circuit should be broken up and the territory reallocated to adjacent circuits.

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