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The County Blog: Aroostook Cty, ME

Money For Nothing?

This article is published in this week’s edition of the Fort Fairfield Journal:


Human Trafficking Update


How Dems Stole an election?


  1. Mark Forino

    He’s like boss Hogg and the county is hazardville. Not but cheating and stealing for years. Those faithful to Mr. Martin is cause either got them their break in life of the county which ain’t easy or got them off drug charges or for pedophilia. Moose point is his very own Epstein’s island. Go to moose point and it’s all people who he got off all different kinds charges or he got scholarships for and now he wants pay back for his “favors”. This man right now is helping his former partner at moose point step daughter keep my kids from me for something I’ve proven in court several times to be lies going on 549 days.

  2. Mark Forino

    Also the fact that he sits on every board for nursing homes and schools in the county and has the staff put his name and Troy Jackson’s name automatically for residents who need help filling out mailing ballots cause the residents of these places can’t make it to the polls. Also after fishing with Jason Dube at the beginning of the summer on Eagle Lake and watching a man in tears who been working under Mr Martin’s thumb since 2005. A man who knew about tons of dirty shit and was have dirty games being played with him. Mr Dube told me in my boat with tears streaming down his face that if John Martin didn’t stop playing his games with him and his house he’d kill Mr Martin. Now Jason Dube is gone RIP. A man who’s changed tires over a 1000 times I know been with him doing it has this freak accident which in my opinion wasnt a accident . From what Jason told me in that boat that day it’s no question in my mind there’s foul play.

  3. Jennifer Dube

    I feel I need to comment to ensure that people have the correct story. What was reported and/or told to people about what happened the day my brother passed have been misinformed. Jason was not changing a tire when he suffered this truly tragic accident. Yes, he did have a tire off the truck but he was under it tightening a part on the truck when the jack slipped and crushed his chest. As we all know there would be need to be under the truck to change a tire. Many people have brought this to my attention and I have had to correct them as to what really happened. That being said, R.I.P. my brother Jason Dube, untill we meet again.

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