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The County Blog: Aroostook Cty, ME

Author: John D.

Week in Review with Greg Hunter

Things You Need to Know

Things you need to know even here in the county!

The Truth About Foundations

The truth was out a long time ago. This is a must listen for every American.

They Captured our Kids and Grandkids

A little history is in order: how foundations use education to capture our kids:


It’s time to understand Justice is going to happen. Brace yourselves!

Erick Prince- former airborne : knows where the bodies are

Richard Donaghue: former airborne: new DA for NY Eastern District

Rudy Julianni: Newest member of prosecution team for Trump


The Greatest Ongoing Financial Scam in Modern History ~ The CAFR Reports

Finding The Truth

You likely didn’t know about these truths. Time to awaken to the lies we’ve been told to keep this truth from us.

Are We Paying Attention?

Latest Update on US Politics

Time to Understand QAnon

The Truth Hurts

Love People To Life

Bombshell! Game Over!

The only hour you need to listen to in order to understand high treason in America:

Understanding Our World

Do we really know what surrounds us in the world we live in? Read this post and learn more:  Occult Significance Of the Great Truth Revelations We Are Witnessing

Release of the FISA Memo

Happening tomorrow. We should all be paying attention:

What is 5G?

Do we really know what the tech experts are planning with the 5G rollout?

National Prayer Call today

CALL: 605-475-4861 CODE: 898123# TIME: 12 Noon(EST)



SCRIPTURES: Judges 5/12; Exodus 14/13-14; Romans 8/ 37; Isaiah 35/4

Notes: Repent over the music industry! Save our youth with a new song of Praise for what God is doing in our day! Let our hearts swell with Praise for Him! It is because of Him that America is changing! As the children of Israel marched through the Sea, so we too wait on Him and He says move forward! Together we will bind the demonic force over music! Let them sing of Love based on God, not sexual perversion!

Open our eyes to express the music that God has place in our hearts! Pray for the heroes are children look up to in music! Tear down the strongholds of demonic influence! That all will recognize music is Praise God and our talents are His! It is not for our glory but His!

See you Thursday at 12 Noon EST! The fire of the Holy Spirit is on us!

Dan Bongino: McCabe a Big Deal

Call to Action: Maine Minimum Wage

See the info about the Minimum Wage Rollout in Maine and contact your representative and senator to support LD 1757.

The Digital Future Impacts Us All

What is AI? Do we really know what tech leaders are working?

Why Borders Are Important

This immigration issue is important to the County. Please pay attention to the DC discussions on this.

National ID: Is it Necessary?

Maine has been dealing with the Real ID issue for years.  Where will this end up?  The establishment GOP may have this all wrong: National ID for Amnesty Article

Conservatism=Fake Salt?

Coach Dave states the case on conservatism as fake salt:

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