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What in the World?

Carol Austin Fitts and Del Bigtree know their stuff. Want to know what’s happening? Listen as they share views of the world.

Is Devolution Real?

We think so. Read and listen to these sources on the subject.

7 Part Series:
Part 1: ​​
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6: ​​
Part 7:

The Reveal will likely start once the Election Fraud details start to flow. Watch for AZ, then the rest to follow.

Common Law Practical Solutions

Stealing America

Stop the Takeover!

Election Fraud?

Read up on what’s happening with alleged election fraud from Cory’s Digs.

Ready to Push Back?

How Dems Stole an election?

Listen in as we learn how the Dems stole the election:

COVID911- Insurgency

DS Being dismantled?

God’s Got This…

Impeachment Papers

May 16, 2020 | Impeachment Inquiry Against Governor Mills Announced

Pilgrims Knew

Take This Pledge

To save our county:

There Is a Plan

The Truth Will Be Revealed

“For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad…

Part 2:

History’s Greatest Libels

Are We Being Watched?

Maine Makes the News

Article on the non-passage of the national popular vote initiative: Click Here

Truth Update

Warriors Invited

Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Franklin Graham Comes to Maine

Franklin Graham started his Northeast states tour this past weekend with a warning to all of us. Read his message here.

Who are These Dems?

Listen in as Greg Hunter interviews Kevin Shipp, former CIA officer on the state of things and what the dems are up to:

Do You Know Their Plan?

Camp Constitution of MA has made this book freely available. Take the time to read and consider donating to their organization:

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Camp Constitution

Christianity Under Attack

How Senator Collins Voted

Regarding the recent bill on Infanticide, Senator Collins cast a pro-Infanticide vote in the Senate. Is she a Christian? Actions speak volumes.

Article on the Vote: Click Here

Time to Strike Back Is Now

War Against Christians

Exposing the Media

The Arrests Are Coming

We’re Still Asleep

Wake Up County Voters!

LD 418 will be disastrous for Maine. Write your representatives and tell them you expect them to vote no on this bill.

The bill would give away Maine’s Electoral College votes to winner of national popular vote:

Bill would give away Maine’s electoral college votes to winner of national popular vote

The bill, LD 418 will go before the Legislatures Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee on March 1st. We are asking you to help protect Maine’s vote and our Constitutional Republic by signing this petition to show your support of the electoral college and opposition to giving away our electoral college votes to other states. (Click here to sign petition)

And also, please consider composing an email to the clerk of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee by emailing:

How Maine’s Governor Office Lost its Mojo…

The history of the Governor’s Executive council morphing to the Legislature:

Is the Government Listening to Us?

Dave Janda explains Project Hammer and why we should care. Also listen to his interview with a retired AF General who knew what our government (the deep state portion) was doing (link in notes).

The Rule of Law is Returning

Worth a listen…

Trump’s War

Christians..Please Wake Up!

Deep State 104

Download Deep State 104

The Best 12 minutes of the Week

US and Maine Constitutions and Oathtaking

Two videos about why it’s so important to understand our Constitutions and swearing an oath to defend them.

Hal Shurtleff: Click Here (FaceBook Video)

Phil Merletti: Click Here

Weekly Update: Greg Hunter- 8/10/18

Greg Hunter Weekly Wrap Up

Meet Q: It’s Time

To Surrender or Not

We don’t know about you, but those of us warriors will never surrender to the likes of these sub-humans:

Week in Review with Greg Hunter

Keep Your Kids Home March 14

Don’t submit your kids to the attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

14 MARCH 2018
“Student led” is a scam.

The groups organizing this are very clear about who they are and what their agenda is. Search “national walkout day” or something similar.

Coming to Your Area

Unless you are awake! Know what the communist platform is and who’s pushing it.

The Left Want Your Guns and More

Be Deceived No More

Make America Great Again

The country is at war. It’s an information war and there are traitors everywhere.

The PR Battle is On: For Your Mind

Note: Includes some harsh language:

Greg Hunter: The Truth Is Coming

We The People: Demand Justice

Release of the FISA Memo

Happening tomorrow. We should all be paying attention:

Justice is Coming

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino lays out the truth that’s about to be revealed. Listen In!

Yes, Immigration To the County? Really?

Too bad more of our citizens didn’t see this before the election. We are on the precipice:

Socialism is Communism in Disguise

Mass murder, genocide, abortion: Who continues to support this abomination?

Factoid: Jan 24

In February 17, 1950, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated, “We shall have world government whether or not you like it–by conquest or consent”.

Well Mr Warburg and your modern day henchmen, your gig is up. The sleeping giant is awake and you’re done. So there’s that.

We The People Will See Justice

We’ve Been Had!

This ought to get your blood boiling:

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