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The County Blog: Aroostook Cty, ME

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What in the World?

Carol Austin Fitts and Del Bigtree know their stuff. Want to know what’s happening? Listen as they share views of the world.

Great Reset: Satan’s Plan?

Socialism 101-James Woods

Courtesy of actor James Woods…

America is Not Ready

We Are the Plan!

Greg Hunter Weekly Show

Trump Fulfills Campaign Promises

Greg Hunter Weekly Recap 8/31/18

Weekly Update: Greg Hunter 6/22/18

The Greatest Ongoing Financial Scam in Modern History ~ The CAFR Reports

Dan Bongino: McCabe a Big Deal

Call to Action: Maine Minimum Wage

See the info about the Minimum Wage Rollout in Maine and contact your representative and senator to support LD 1757.

Why Immigration Is Important

Do we know who wants more Immigrants to move to Aroostook County? We should be paying attention to any immigration initiatives. Here’s why:

Debt Affects Us All

This likely impacts all of us who have debt:

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