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They Told Us Years Ago

Hollywood magic, mind control, worshipping Lucifer:

Deep State Part 106

Download Here: Deep State 106

US and Maine Constitutions and Oathtaking

Two videos about why it’s so important to understand our Constitutions and swearing an oath to defend them.

Hal Shurtleff: Click Here (FaceBook Video)

Phil Merletti: Click Here

Love One Another

Functioning in His Kingdom: Part 4

Functioning in His Kingdom: Part 3

Camp Constitution to Provide Local Training

Functionig in His Kingdom: Part 2

Functioning in His Kingdom: Part 1

Things You Need to Know

Things you need to know even here in the county!

The Truth About Foundations

The truth was out a long time ago. This is a must listen for every American.

They Captured our Kids and Grandkids

A little history is in order: how foundations use education to capture our kids:

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