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The County Blog: Aroostook Cty, ME

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The Stats on Maine COVID

The Truth About COVID19

Stop the Takeover!

Great Reset: Satan’s Plan?


Find the Truth on COVID at the Fort Fairfield Journal webpage on the subject.

The Truth About Lockdowns

Ready to Push Back?

How Dems Stole an election?

Listen in as we learn how the Dems stole the election:

Human Trafficking Update

Letter to a Christian Anti-Trumper

Share this letter with your anti-Trump Christian family members or friends. It may help them in their voting decision on November 3.

COVID911- Insurgency

COVID911- Insurgency

DS Being dismantled?

God’s Got This…

Virus: Cover for Mass Arrests?

Part 4

Can’t Stop the Truth

Can’t Stop the Truth

These People Are Sick

Heaven Is In Control

Amanda Grace on McFiles. Mar 2, 2020

They Want Your Children

Erosion of the Family

Learn The Truth

Watch all 16 parts

Useless Sheep No More

Take This Pledge

To save our county:

Hunter’s Update 9/27/19

Real News on Iran

The Truth Will Be Revealed

“For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad…

Part 2:

Trafficking: We Lost focus

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