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MSM Silent to Child Trafficking

As a border state, we should be paying attention to these truths:

Weekly Update: Greg Hunter 6/22/18

Are You Supporting This?

Do you know where your state representative is on this issue? It’s being discussed for a second time in Maine. Know the facts! Tell your Democrat representive to stop this insanity! Don’t let LD 1822 to allow Female Genital Mutilation to go unpunished!

In National ID a Good Idea?

Ron Paul never thought so. Our current Secretary of State doesn’t like the Real ID program, so he’s likely not gonna like a National ID program either. At least we can only hope.

National ID and DACA

Why Borders Are Important

This immigration issue is important to the County. Please pay attention to the DC discussions on this.

How National Actions Impacts The County

The Deep state thought HRC had a lock on the election. But Maine Second District didn’t turn out as they thought. Hence, flooding us with more immigrants was always part of the plan. Understanding the implications discussed here may give insight in our own part of the world.

Why Immigration Is Important

Do we know who wants more Immigrants to move to Aroostook County? We should be paying attention to any immigration initiatives. Here’s why:

Do We Know What Sharia Is?

It is wise to be knowledgable about who we bring into our country:

Are We Enslaving Ourselves?

DC Swamp Update: Jan 26

CA Illegal Immigrants-Voting?

Can this be right? Can Maine be next? CA illegals can vote legally.

National ID: Is it Necessary?

Maine has been dealing with the Real ID issue for years.  Where will this end up?  The establishment GOP may have this all wrong: National ID for Amnesty Article

Yes, Immigration To the County? Really?

Too bad more of our citizens didn’t see this before the election. We are on the precipice:

Immigration: Still a Big Deal

Listen in hour 3 to hear how CA immigration impacts all states: (Listen to the whole show, worth your time!)

Do We Really Know What Humanism is?

Understanding our Christian Roots

We should remember who our God is:

Immigration, Control, and Other Issues

Wow, someone really thinks moving Somalia families from Southern Maine to Northern Maine makes cultural sense? Who are these proponents?
Have you got relatives or friends in Lewiston or Portland? What are they saying?

Understanding Immigration Law

Sometimes it helps to go back and see what the law says:
Immigration and Nationality Act

DACA Made Easy

DACA 101:

So my house was broken into yesterday while I was gone. Don’t worry, everyone is ok.

Fortunately, the alarm told me and police apprehended a man with his 10 year old daughter ransacking the house.

The bad news is, my neighbors took a vote and decided the girl was innocent and only there because her dad brought her. Now, I have to give her a room, feed her and pay for her to go to school. Worse yet, since she would be abandoned if her dad goes to jail, he’s been found innocent and I have to let him stay with the girl and feed him too.

If you think this sounds unfair, then you now understand DACA.

Maine First Media Article

Maine First Media reports out on County issues about immigration.

Immigration in Maine and Nationally

Another organization published information on Maine Immigration a few years ago and it seems to be a topic of interest in the County.  Spend a few moments reading what others are reporting on this issue.

The Unmasking of Maine and Beyond



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