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Letter to a Christian Anti-Trumper

Share this letter with your anti-Trump Christian family members or friends. It may help them in their voting decision on November 3.

Virus: Cover for Mass Arrests?

Part 4

God Will Heal


Sickos Everywhere

There Is a Plan

How Senator Collins Voted

Regarding the recent bill on Infanticide, Senator Collins cast a pro-Infanticide vote in the Senate. Is she a Christian? Actions speak volumes.

Article on the Vote: Click Here

Civilizations Rise and Fall

A very good article on the rise and fall of civilizations: Click here.

Exposing the Media

Bring It On!

Please Joe, get in the race! You sick piece….

The Plan is Real

If you are still asleep, it’s time for you to truly wake up. There is a plan that is underway and the day you have your red pill moment, start here by listening to this video:

Here’s what Polly has to say about the Q movement:


What kind of human votes to kill a baby after a botched abortion and the baby is alive? One that is either sick, soul-less, compromised, or just plain controlled by a handler and told how to vote, or some combination thereof. Voters in Maine that are pro-life should be up in arms for the vote cast by Senator King. What combo do you suppose he’s living under?

These Senators have all violated their oath of office as this vote is in clear violation of the 14th Amendment. Shame on you Senator King, you will be outed for the monster that you are.

We’re Still Asleep

Where is the Christian Outrage?

Buckle up before you watch this. This will continue until you stand up against this evil.

The Gender War in Public Schools

A Christian witness was invited to speak at a large suburban Columbus Ohio school yesterday to bring a Christian perspective to the whole LGBTQ debate. Before he spoke the teacher gave him a copy of the handout that is given to the students prior to the unit and sexual identity discussion began.The sheet you are about to read is full of voodoo science. No proof or evidence of anything this sheet presents as fact. Do you know what public schools are teaching in your area?

Understanding How We Get Duped

It’s right around us and we miss it but we keep funding it. Learn from this historical analysis how we contribute to our own demise through what we think are trusted fiduciaries we send money to.

Preparing for the Unbelievable

When Will We Wake Up?

It’s real but we refuse to wake up to the fact that those who lead are not righteous. Are you awake?

They’re After Our Kids

Love People To Life

Can We Save the Children?

Breaking The Chains of Darkness

Understanding the Darkness

The Golden Rule

Forbes Magazine called out Maine in 2012

Given the national discussion on child pornography, Maine is not immune. Forbes Magazine posited Maine had problems back in 2012. Read the full article.

Freedom from the Devil’s Plans

David lives in Central Maine.

Finding God Through Trial

David Arthur, from Hancock, Maine, shares his testimony on how he found God. An interesting story of living a nightmare and finding redemption and grace through life. Listen in at minute 8:45 to hear David:

Visit his website at:


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