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Category: Spiritual Warfare

Evil Spirits Consuming Humanity

Keep Fighting!

Keep Your Faith! Trust in God!

Christians..Please Wake Up!

God is Moving Mightily

AI is Here and Not Your Friend

Are You Hearing the Truth?

Where is the Christian Outrage?

Buckle up before you watch this. This will continue until you stand up against this evil.

Meet Q: It’s Time

Don’t be Distracted, Have No Fear

In A Nutshell…

Brace yourself…

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Do you know what is from God? Discernment is the word of our times today.

We Are Winning

Listen carefully. This is the reality we face:

Facts From the Past

Listen in as Dr. Stanley Monteith describes real history and how it helps explain what’s still happening today.

Be Free: Walk in Light

The Life and Death Struggle in America

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