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Watch the Water

Covid Expert Weighs In

Dr. Yeadon Weighs In

COVID Truths: Watch Now…

TenPenny and Associates weigh in

The Vax Agenda

The Truth About COVID19

Great Reset: Satan’s Plan?


Find the Truth on COVID at the Fort Fairfield Journal webpage on the subject.
Dr. Madej

Mucking With Our DNA

Nuggets of Truth

Killing Us Slowly

Watch this before youtube deletes it again:

Eugenics: The Long Game

Learn what those in power are doing with Eugenics and their long term plan for humanity (hint- it ain’t good): Click Here

Vaccines, Coconut Oils, and More

Listen to Doc Humphries share lots of good insight on your health:

Roger Stone Weighs In: Vaccine Opponents

Maine Doctor Being Threatened

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a vocal critic on vaccines, shares her story on death threats to her. Pray for this lovely person and her safety as she shares God’s truth:

Do We Really Know Vaccines?

What’s Going on With County Skies?

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