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Watch the Water

Covid Expert Weighs In

Dr. Yeadon Weighs In

COVID Truths: Watch Now…

Good News Coming!

TenPenny and Associates weigh in

The Vax Agenda

Bablyon the Great is Fallen?

From @lionessarising Website:

Did I tell you I’m not a Bible theologian? Well, I’m not, so don’t expect a perfect exegesis of Scripture here. Then again, maybe it’s best that I haven’t been to seminary. Maybe it’s best that the only two things I have to rely on are a reliable translation of the Bible and the Holy Spirit that inspired all of Scripture.

To read the entire article: Click Here

Discerning the Spirits

God Is Here

The New COVID Religion

The Truth About COVID19

Great Reset: Satan’s Plan?

The Truth About Lockdowns

Letter to a Christian Anti-Trumper

Share this letter with your anti-Trump Christian family members or friends. It may help them in their voting decision on November 3.

Parents: Time to Push Back

Download this CDC article that confirms the ineffectiveness of masks for the novel coronovirus.

DS Being dismantled?

God’s Got This…

Is This Our Moment?

What Say You?

Stay Vigilant…

Virus: Cover for Mass Arrests?

Part 4

Are You Awake?

We Are Free!

Can’t Stop the Truth

Can’t Stop the Truth

These People Are Sick

Heaven Is In Control

Amanda Grace on McFiles. Mar 2, 2020

Ask the Q

QAnon: Ask the Q….

Socialism 101-James Woods

Courtesy of actor James Woods…

FBI Whistleblower

Nate Cain Speaks…

They Want Your Children

POTUS on Offense

Trump caught them all….

Mark Taylor on Edge of Wonder

The Great Awakening

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Welcome to Qniversity

Welcome to Qniversity!

Local Church to Feature Prominent Christian Evangelists This Month

Jan 29-30, 2020
Click Here For Details…

Erosion of the Family

Learn The Truth

Watch all 16 parts

Useless Sheep No More

God Will Heal


Understanding WH Tweets

How to Red Pill

The 5 G Plan

Still Want to Keep Your Smartphone?

Hunter’s Update 9/27/19

The Real Threat: China

The fair hared former Senator of Maine Bill Cohen, was hired to improve Huawei’s image in the West. What’s Cohen actually up to? Cohen group is right in the middle of this:

Mainiacs and Jeff Epstein

Would it surprise you to know that former Senator Bill Cohen and Congresswoman Pingree’s former husband Mr. Sussman have connections to alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Corey’s Digs finds the connections: Click Here

It was also released that former Senator George Mitchell has some explaining to do now: Click Here

We know how to grow these monsters in Maine don’t we? When will Maine’s citizens wake up? We continue to send these inhuman people to represent us in D.C. Stayed tuned, the truth will be revealed on how Senators King and Collins have pulled the wool over Mainers soon.

Killing Us Slowly

Watch this before youtube deletes it again:

A Repentence Prayer

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who only took care of themselves and did not lovingly shepherd the Flock of the Lord. I repent for those who ate well and clothed themselves well but did not take care of the flock.

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who did not strengthen the weak or heal the sick, did not bind up the injured, did not bring back the strays or search for the lost and ruled harshly and brutally.

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who caused the sheep to be scattered over all the mountains and on every high hill and over the whole earth and made them vulnerable to wild animals because there was no shepherd. I specifically repent for those who allowed wolves in sheep’s clothing to enter and devour the flock.

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who cared more for themselves rather than for the flock of the Lord and who enriched themselves at the expense of the flock.

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who refused or laid down or fled from any calling of God on our life.

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who brought disunity, disorder, disharmony, and wounding to the flock.

I repent for myself and for those in my family line who through evil practices polluted the flock.

I repent for myself and for those who accepted or taught the doctrine of demons.

I repent for myself and for those in my family who agreed with unrighteous religious authorities.

Lord, I choose to be a leader who is patient and kind. I choose not to be envious. I choose not to boast or to be proud. I will not be rude or self seeking. I will not be easily angered or keep a record of wrongs. I will not delight in evil but will rejoice in truth. I will always protect, always trust, always hope, and always persevere.

Lord, please unseat all ungodly elders.

Lord, please now invite and seat all the righteous elders assigned to me.

Truth Update

June 2019 Prayer List

Here is the June Prayer List for prayer warriors to use a guideline for your daily prayers. Click Here to Download

The Pillar Problem

Learn about the pillar of evil problem being dealt with here in the County by reading this report.: Click Here to Download

Climate Truth

Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Dems: Who Are They?

Time For Offense

Want to root evil out in Augusta? Then join us to discuss it on Wednesday, 5/29, at Governor’s in Presque Isle at 8 a.m. Click for flyer.

Scaring the Children

A letter to the Editor of the Presque Isle Star Herald was sent to respond to Senator Angus King’s wild and dramatic views on climate change.
Click Here to read the full rebuttal.

King’s climate change article

Christianity Under Attack

Secret Societies

Exposing the Media

The Truth of Today

We are at a crossroads in America. More people need to be awakened. Read this article for more clarity and awakening: Corey’s Digs

Bring It On!

Please Joe, get in the race! You sick piece….

The Plan is Real

If you are still asleep, it’s time for you to truly wake up. There is a plan that is underway and the day you have your red pill moment, start here by listening to this video:

Here’s what Polly has to say about the Q movement:

Puppets and Their Masters

Feinstein with Murkoski at Cavannaugh hearings

Patriots and researchers are awake. We know how the DC pay to play game works. Just as Senator Feinstein (I love China) can place pressure on one of her puppets, Senator Murkoski, we should ask the question, who is handling Senator Angus King?

In previous posts, we show how connections to FMR Corporation, City of London, and Pembroke College (through brother-in-law Tom Herman) are all in Angus’s sphere of friends and associates.

The question all inquiring minds should have at this point is, if you won’t tell us Angus, who should we ask? Tom ran your transition team in 2012. Is he and Richard Lugar, Mr. Foreign Affairs, the two people who can provide us an image similar to the above with your string puller? We know Dick was cozy with Hillary back in the day. Lugar releases Aid funds.

Maybe that McCain Institute pullover Angus likes to wear here in the county can help us understand as to those puppet masters? What you think readers?

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