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Evil Spirits Consuming Humanity

Keep Fighting!

Keep Your Faith! Trust in God!

Tribunals Are Coming

Get Prepared

We better be prepared for whatever might come our way:

Light Will Shine, Truth Prevails

This may be a big week in the news as God allows truth to be revealed to the masses.

Love One Another

Attempts on POTUS Life failing.

A 73 minute news update that will be the best update you will hear this week:

The Real News on Trump

Pray for our President and his family and executive team.

Evil Must be Confronted

Constance Cumby Interview- Part 2

Part 2 of Rick Wiles interview with Constance Cumby:

What is the Global Agenda and Who Is Behind It?

Listen to Rick Wiles and his interview with Constance Cumby on the Global Agenda:

Understanding the Deep State, part 3

Understanding the Deep State part 2

Understanding the Deep State

Yes, the deep state exists. Follow this 3 part series and get educated on what is happening in our world.

Do You Know God’s Still in Charge?

Things You Need to Know

Things you need to know even here in the county!

The Truth About Foundations

The truth was out a long time ago. This is a must listen for every American.


It’s time to understand Justice is going to happen. Brace yourselves!

Erick Prince- former airborne : knows where the bodies are

Richard Donaghue: former airborne: new DA for NY Eastern District

Rudy Julianni: Newest member of prosecution team for Trump


Finding The Truth

You likely didn’t know about these truths. Time to awaken to the lies we’ve been told to keep this truth from us.

Stop Being Useless Cattle

We were lied to. Do you know the truth?

Who’s Watching Us?

We’re all being surveilled. Bill Binney, ex-NSA, tells us about it.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Do you know what is from God? Discernment is the word of our times today.

Understanding How We Get Duped

It’s right around us and we miss it but we keep funding it. Learn from this historical analysis how we contribute to our own demise through what we think are trusted fiduciaries we send money to.

We Are Winning

Listen carefully. This is the reality we face:

Understanding Trump’s Strategy

Have faith in the strategy being waged against dark forces.

Serpent and the Seed Part 3

Serpent and the Seed Part 2

Seed of the Serpent

A Prayer For Today

When Will We Wake Up?

It’s real but we refuse to wake up to the fact that those who lead are not righteous. Are you awake?

Facts From the Past

Listen in as Dr. Stanley Monteith describes real history and how it helps explain what’s still happening today.

The Star Bangled Banner

Be Free: Walk in Light

Can You Handle the Truth?

Read the full article and download graphics at: Download Here.

Heaven is Real

Heaven is Real

Greg Hunter : Weekly Review

The Truth Hurts

Love People To Life

Bombshell! Game Over!

The only hour you need to listen to in order to understand high treason in America:

Can We Save the Children?

D Day has Begun

Deep Backgrounder: Tracking All Our Comms

Be Thankful and Greatful

National Prayer Call today

CALL: 605-475-4861 CODE: 898123# TIME: 12 Noon(EST)



SCRIPTURES: Judges 5/12; Exodus 14/13-14; Romans 8/ 37; Isaiah 35/4

Notes: Repent over the music industry! Save our youth with a new song of Praise for what God is doing in our day! Let our hearts swell with Praise for Him! It is because of Him that America is changing! As the children of Israel marched through the Sea, so we too wait on Him and He says move forward! Together we will bind the demonic force over music! Let them sing of Love based on God, not sexual perversion!

Open our eyes to express the music that God has place in our hearts! Pray for the heroes are children look up to in music! Tear down the strongholds of demonic influence! That all will recognize music is Praise God and our talents are His! It is not for our glory but His!

See you Thursday at 12 Noon EST! The fire of the Holy Spirit is on us!

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Breaking The Chains of Darkness

Are Your Kids Addicted to Tech?

Why Trump Won: To Fix Our Broken Country

Maine’s Second District Support for Trump

Our district support for Trump was critical. Learn why here on how deep the “deep state” is and what their plans are, but Trump is stopping them.

The Digital Future Impacts Us All

What is AI? Do we really know what tech leaders are working?

Is Language Under Assault?

Our Border citizens in the Valley should be pay attention to this. Visiting family or friends in Canada requires you to be careful what you say.

Understanding the Darkness

God is Near!

Understanding the Illegal Surveilance of Trump

The Past Unlocks the Future

The Golden Rule

Your Best Sermon Today

You likely won’t hear this in your brick and mortar churches today. It’s time to face our problems head on.

An Almighty God He Is!

The Past Unlocks the Future

Are we truly awake to the battle raging NOW between good and evil? Use this as your initial primer and share with others:

Trump’s Chessboard: Jan 26

Trump in Davos. Worth a listen:

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